DataShare To-Do List
Status?Task DescriptionPriority H M LOwnerDue DatePersonNotes
testingPersistent URLsHCDL6/19/2012JAKin stage, complete, Marisa testing
testingProvide anonymous public access to Datashare collectionHCDL6/19/2012MSin stage, complete, Marisa testing, bug identified
testingSimplify ingest processHCDL6/19/2012MRin stage, ask Mark status.
in-processSimplify ingest UIHCDL6/19/2012MSin stage, tiny dependency on above
not startedupdate user documentation for simplified ingestHCDLAT
testingDistinct access rules for metadata and dataHCDL6/19/2012MRin stage, complete, testing
testingProcessing Dublin Core XML metadata HCDL6/19/2012MRhigh priority, UCSF needs this to submit objects
testingCreate Merritt collectionHCDL6/19/2012PWin stage, complete
not startedSubmit initial sample objectsHCDL6/19/2012PW/MSdependent on processing Dublin Core XML
not startedService-level guidelines for UCSFHCDLCS/ATCarly and Adrian will work together on this
not startedUser functionality to delete objectsMCDLconfirm that this is for after our June 19th release - CONFIRMED
not startedTool to simplify object creation and submissionMCDLAT/PW/CSUse jquery for easy ingest… we need a group to look at this and see if it will work and the UI
not startedExposure of metadata to search enginesMUCSFACAnirvan has some ideas about (and experience with) how to accomplish the SEO
not startedMediated communication between consumers and providersMCDLlonger rangethe solution of how to capture/ catalogue this is longer range, for now, links to email for questions
completeMetadata schemaHUCSF6/19/2012PW PW monitors
completeMethod to extract metadata from MerrittHCDL6/19/2012PWPart of XTF release
testingTool for creating metadataHCDL6/19/2012PW
testingCreate sample metadata recordsHUCSF6/19/2012
XTF Discovery tool
completeInitial XTF prototypeHCDLStylesheets at
in-processBeta XTF siteHUCSF
in-processDesign XTF: logos, colorsHUCSF
completeDesign wireframes for various pages HUCSF
in-processImplement wireframesHUCSF
in-processText for site (e.g. Help, FAQ, About)HUCSF/CDLARJ/CS
Data Use Agreements
completeSpec for DUA in MerrittHCDLSAspec complete. TC shared with DASHers
in-processImplement DUA in MerrittHCDLMS
in-processWording for DUAsHUCSFARJMS to get text from UCSF
not startedCustomizable object-level DUAHCDLAn important piece for phase II
Assemble parts: Merritt, metadata, XTF, DUAsPhase I
Submit initial sample dataPhase I
Add lab, personal information per wireframes Phase I
Release websitePhase I
Develop restricted website for data submissionPhase II
Recruit data providersPhase II
Production (our pieces) version of DataShare available19-Jun
not started
in processin dev
testingin stage
completein production