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  • Licensed Resources Redesign (2016)
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Project Description

Revise the content, organization, and navigation of the website to support the requirements of internal and external users. Our objectives:

  • Understand users’ relationship to Licensed Resources.
  • Understand the use cases that bring users to the Licensed Resources webpages.
  • Understand how users approach, access, and navigate the Licensed Resources webpages.
  • Identify aspects of the LR webpages that present challenges to users.

In-Scope Web Properties 

Project Team 

Project Contact: Jacqueline Wilson

User Experience: Rachael Hu

Content Strategy: Alana Miller

Web Production: N/A




UX Handshake Doc

User Assessment Script

User Assessment Planning Notes

User Assessment Interview Contacts

Content Review Based on User Assessment Findings

Action Items

    • Initial user and content author assessment

      • Interviews with 4+ external users to understand how they use the LR pages, what their needs are, and what their expectations are

      • Meet with LR content creators (Holly, Wendy, Adriana, Chan) to learn more about their sections and how they intend those sections to be used

      • Compare findings from both of the above, and check against Google Analytics

      • Map the licensed resources, acqusitions and cataloging workflow.

        • Map pieces of web content identified by users as important to the workflow.

    • LR and UX teams revise and create new content (estimated delivery 2/1)

    • Create 2-3 new version of information architecture (IA) for LR section

      • Draft 2-3 new IA arrangements using pages that were identified as Keep/Optimize during the content audit. This may include removing or consolidating pages, or making suggestions for new content or pages, such as the Tableau content.

      • Review 2-3 IA drafts with internal stakeholders.

    • Test versions of the website information architecture with user groups 

      • Conduct a tree-test of current IA vs new versions of IA with a broader pool of IA users, including those we interviewed for the user assessment. 

        • This includes the heirarchical organization of pages, as well as navigational labels.
      • Review test results with with internal stakeholders. Determine if there is a clear winner among the new IAs, or if they need to be tweaked and then re-tested.

      • Re-test second draft of IA(s) with user pool.
    • Finalized new information architecture. Deliverables include:

      • New sitemap for LR section

      • Revised navigation scheme/labeling

      • Wireframes/copy deck showing any new content (including: Tableau content; LR status chart page; etc.)

    • Publish recommended changes to the website 

      • Send wireframes to Craig

      • Get staging version of website approved by Jackie & Ivy

      • Publish!

Estimated Timeline

Minimum 13 weeks.

  • 4 weeks to recruit users for initial interviews; have meeting with Jackie, Rachael, Holly, Wendy, Adriana, Chan for identify intent for content sections; conduct interviews with users.

  • 3 weeks for revising IA; internal reviews of revised IA

  • 3 weeks for testing period (assuming it is a survey accessed via email or link on website, not a 1-on-1 user study); meantime Alana will work on identifying content to be updated

  • 2 weeks to incorporate test and internal feedback and finalize information architecture
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