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  • D2D Content Update (2016)
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Project Description

Assess and revise the content for the D2D service on, prior to the site-wide redesign in 2016. 

In-Scope Web Properties

Project Team

Project Contact: Lena Zentall

User Experience: Rachael Hu

Content Strategy: Alana Miller

Contacts for Site Sections

Melvyl: Lena Zentall

UC-eLinks: Lena Zentall

Resource Sharing: Caitlin Nelson

Zephir: Kathryn Stine


Action Items

  • Content inventory Alana Miller
  • Kickoff meeting with D2D stakeholders
  • Confirm audit criteria
  • Conduct content audit (3/10-4/10)
  • Apply metadata tags (3/10-4/10)
  • Write up recommendations
  • Present recommendations (4/21)
  • Content optimization workshop (6/8)
  • Review/revise/confirm recommendations (7/31)
  • Document inventory (7/31)
  • Retire content from production server
  • Identify user groups and contacts
  • Choose websites for environmental scan



Folder of All Final Content Audit Docs

Kickoff Presentation

Content Audit Workbook

Content Audit Summary Content Audit Timeline





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