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Project Goals / Objectives

  • Reduce content replication across the site. This means more concise, actionable writing and organization. The current writing on the website feels like a formal paper on the topic of copyright, so one page may give an introduction to a topic, but then the user has to go to a sub-page to get the full story.

  • Make the content more accessible (in writing, tone) to students, faculty, and librarians for copyright education. Prioritize content, so that items that are likely to be used often are more prominent on the website, while items that have more specific/rare use cases are de-emphasized (such as the TEACH Act page.)

  • Establish guidelines for how to handle new content on the website

    • Define website’s scope (what belongs on the site, what doesn’t)

    • How to write for the web (including guidelines for organization and how and when to separate things into multiple pages)

    • Google Analytics: setting up the account; defining KPIs; how to analyze reports to guide website maintenance

    • Governance guidelines, with a committee in mind. Includes recommendations about how often to review and update content (quarterly, bi-annually, etc.).


Web Properties in Scope

Action Items

  • Get Alana access to site analytics
  • Project kickoff meeting
  • Finalize handshake doc Rachael Hu Alana Miller Katie Fortney
  • Create project plan summary Alana Miller
  • Share project plan summary with sub-committee for feedback/signoff Katie Fortney
  • Conduct content audit of HTML pages Alana Miller
    • Analyze page metrics
    • Get list of top referring websites Alana Miller
    • Environmental scan of policy/informational/legal/protocols
  • Revise sitemap and navigation (6/23)
    • Identify site objectives with Katie Fortney
    • Create outline for new website content (use one or two pages as samples)
    • Locate process overview for "What can I use?" landing page to replace current content Katie Fortney
    • Revise content organization and labeling
    • Edit content on existing pages (Ownership, Policies, and Resources sections)
    • Alana Miller and Katie Fortney sketch out flow/diagram for "What can I use?" landing page (6/20)
  • SSCP and Katie Fortney review/redline of content (6/27–7/11)
    • Alana Miller will put copy in a Word doc to make tracking edits easier
  • Content governance guidelines Alana Miller (7/13)
    • Writing for the web

    • Setting KPIs and revising site content based on analytics

    • Schedule for reviewing and updating content

    • Establishing website scope
    • At what point does a topic have enough content to necessitate it's own page/FAQ/etc?
  • Publish revised content to Cascade (7/15 ?)
    • May need assistance from web dev for homepage changes

UC Copyright Website UX Handshake

Governance Guidelines

Content Audit Workbook

Decision Tracker Matrix

Page and Copy Mockups

RACI Chart

OLD UC Copyright Handshake (From 10/15 meeting with Joanne)

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