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If CDL is a "Sponsoring Member" of Crossref, does that mean you aren't a member of DataCite anymore?

CDL is a member of both organizations. CDL is a founding member of DataCite and one of the most active, with representation on the DataCite Board and the Metadata Working Group.

What is the EZID-to-Crossref service exactly?

For participating clients (see below), EZID registers DOIs for open access scholarly journal articles and other open access content, and then sends metadata about these items (provided by the clients) to Crossref. EZID manages the linkage to Crossref. Clients can submit records for this service using EZID's API (application programming interface). Clients can monitor the progress of submissions via messages from Crossref (sent by EZID).

What are the benefits to this service?

Crossref says their value proposition for journal publishers is this: "By joining this collaborative network, you will add reader utility to your digital content through outbound links to cited material, while augmenting access to your material through incoming links from other publishers."

To be specific, for most open access journal publishers, the number one benefit is the inclusion of their journal's metadata in the Crossref Metadata Services. Many organizations (listed here) subscribe to Crossref metadata, so your journal articles are instantly more discoverable.

Who is eligible to participate?

University of California EZID clients may participate. Contact us to discuss this option.

How much will it cost EZID clients to participate?

Crossref charges DOI deposit fees, and all such fees for the participating clients will be sent to California Digital Library (CDL) as the Sponsoring Member. CDL will cover these fees for all UC campuses.

What do eligible clients have to do to participate?

Each client that wishes to participate in this service must agree to comply with Crossref requirements. These include:

  • provision of Crossref metadata for each "original work," which, in turn, requires an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for each participating journal; for more information about ISSNs, see
  • outbound linking, "meaning members must add DOI links (when available) to the reference list for journal articles deposited with Crossref" (Note: these links need only to be present on the journal's site, not in the metadata provided to Crossref and this requirement is prospective only.)
  • provision of "response" pages (or "landing" pages in DataCite parlance) for each DOI, if the material is not open access

In addition, there are a (very) few setup steps which we can discuss when you contact us about participating.

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