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Next Steps (updated 3/3/14)


  • establish list of campuses - who’s interested
  • get a tech contact for interested campuses
  • establish communication lines
  • code review with Geoff/UCSF (scheduled 3/3)
  • lay out architecture and design

Mid term (next 2 months): get DataShare up and running

  • Shibboleth configuration & other authentication 
  • Domains/URLs established 
  • Implement customizations – logos etc.
  • CDL
    • Implement Ingest tool with its own database (ruby)
    • Implement python script that harvests metadata from merritt into XTF. 
    • Implement XTF itself.  each campus would have its own instance of XTF? 
  • Development work:
    • Add campus to metadata (use publishers)
    • Submission agreement - develop and implement
    • cosmetic changes to static pages
    • add ORCID field - use ANDS widget

Longer term:

  • in-person meeting?
  • CDL camp?
  • coordinate communication/outreach?
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