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  • 2017-2019 EZID & N2T Roadmap

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  1. Add support for suffix pass-through (for ARKs only)

Application Programming Interface (API) Improvements

  1. Add a rule-based batch processing facility to EZID; implement using JSON:API with an eye towards eventually supporting JSON across the entire EZID API

  2. Add support for public ARK identifiers having metadata to enhance their discovery.
  3. Add EZID support for suffix pass-through.

  4. Implement OAI-PMH for n2t.

  5. CPLR...Release new Compact Identifier service.

Architecture Improvements


Community and outreach objectives

  1. Support clients' transitions to other DOI providers.
  2. Work with partners to explore support for hard identifier-related problems, such as long lists of authors, contributors, etc., or multiple destinations for resolution, by engaging in community discussions, collaborating in projects, and presenting at workshops
  3. and conferences. Sample venues where team members have presented:Launch
  4. and conferences.
  5. Conduct a pilot project to
  6. test a draft standard for persistence statements, as well as low barrier tools for the implementation of persistence statements
  7. implement and test metadata to convey persistence commitments between providers and users.
  8. Support persistently-identified metadata vocabulary terms by
    1. hosting the crowd-sourced tool and
    2. building a community of contributors and developers.