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  • 2016-2018 EZID Roadmap

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  1. Support Crossref submission via UI, so that more clients can take advantage of this service.

  2. Continuous improvement of UI feature-set, including:

    1. Adding link-checking reporting to the dashboardthe dashboard–delivered November 2016

    2. Supporting creating and managing DataCite metadata version 4.0 records

    3. Configuring interface preference options in account settings


  1. Support programming frameworks that are in common use by providing additional metadata submission options (e.g., JSON) and retrieval mechanisms (e.g., content negotiation).

  2. Make processing by external workflows, systems, and applications more effective, by adding new batch-oriented functionality (such as bulk minting, bulk updates, and rule-based operations).

  3. Strengthen identifier persistence by rolling out a regular link checking service.–delivered November 2016

  4. Enhance EZID’s status options to provide the comparable functionality to Crossref’s new Early Content Registration process.

  5. Upgrade support to DataCite metadata version 4.0.

  6. Add a sitemap for public ARK identifiers with metadata to enhance their discovery.

  7. Add EZID support for suffix pass-through.