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  • EZID Roadmap 2014-15

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Metadata editing in the UI
At the present time, if you create a DOI record using the Advanced Create screen in the user interface (UI), you cannot use the UI to edit that record. We plan to add this functionality.  Delivered: Sept. 30, 2014

Download of identifiers and metadata
We plan to make it possible for you to download all your identifiers and their metadata in a format you can maniputate outside of EZID. Our first pass at this will be available via the API, and we will introduce it to the UI at a later date.


Off into the Sunset
Forward progress sometimes means saying goodbye.  If you are one of the clients who enjoyed working directly with the old server, we invite you to begin the process of transitioning to EZID. The old server is being retired on December 1, 2014. Please contact us for more details and for help planning a strategy for the move.