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  • EZID Roadmap 2014-15

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Various improvements will be introduced to increase EZID's reliability. Status, Dec. 2014: We implemented changes to the retry logic in EZID's connections to external systems, resulting in prevention of transaction errors during downtimesmade EZID more resilient against temporary network interruptions and system outages when communicating with external systems. Additionally, we created new automated tools for checking the integrity of EZID databases and for checking consistency between EZID databases and external databases.

New directions to watch

CrossRef connection
EZID (and CDL) is in the process of becoming a Sponsoring Publisher Member of CrossRef. We are taking this step to benefit our non-profit open access (OA) publishing clients. Often, this means our clients that are library publishers. If you fit this profile, contact us (mailto: to find out more about how this will benefit you. In an nutshell, you will be able to use EZID DOIs to get CrossRef services for your OA content. Status, Dec. 14: testing with early adopters. More information available here.