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  • EZID Roadmap 2014-15

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Various improvements are envisioned to improve the speed of processes and build the foundation for the Search functionality (above).

EZID has relies on the N2T (Name-to-Thing) infrastructure, which provides services for ARKs (and other identifiers) similar in some ways to what the Handle system provides for for DOIs (and Handles). In 2014-2015 we will simplify the replication strategy for N2T and double the replication network.


CrossRef connection
EZID (and CDL) is in the process of becoming a Sponsoring Publisher Member of CrossRef. We are taking this step to benefit our non-profit open access (OA) publishing clients. Often, this means our clients that are library publishers. If you fit this profile, contact us (mailto: to find out more about how this will benefit you. In an nutshell, you will be able to use EZID DOIs to get CrossRef services for your OA content.

User Interface (UI) redesign
Over the next 12 months, the EZID UI will be undergoing a redesign. Changes will be phased in, avoiding as much disruption as possible. We are aiming to make the user experience ever simpler and more friendly and easier to use.

Off into the Sunset
If Forward progress sometimes means saying goodbye.  If you are one of the clients who enjoyed working directly with the old server, we invite you to begin the process of transitioning to EZID. The old server is being retired on December 1, 2014. Please contact us for more details and for help planning a strategy for the move. (is it worth putting this into the Roadmap??) Internally, this year we will also finish moving off our aging Solaris systems and complete the last few tasks in rehoming the EZID service (from to