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3.3.3. Distinct access rules for metadata and content

Currently, the granularity of access control is at the object level; if designated for read access, all components of the object are accessible.  There are use cases in which it is desirable for a meaningful distinction to be made between object metadata, which generally should be open for the widest access, and data, which may be subject to more restrictions.  Merritt should support expression of access control rules at a finer granularity supportive of a metadata/data distinction, and these need to carry through to EZID as appropriate so that any indexing of EZID metadata respects those designations. Curators will have the option of allowing the metadata for their objects in Merritt to be accessible by the public, while restricting access to the objects’ associated files. What this means from EZID’s perspective is that researchers can control how their data/resources are indexed and exposed.