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  • UC3 developers push upgraded code to mercurial code repository, using For some micro-services this will trigger an automatic rebuild and deployment of the executable onto a development machine using the Jenkins server. For other micro-services, the developer will build and deploy using the Jenkins server to a development machine.
  • Testing/evaluation of the update are accomplished by the Merritt project managers and developers.
  • Once upgrades are approved in development, the upgrades are promoted to the Merritt stage instance where additional testing is performed by the Merritt team and the Merritt community.
  • The same procedures are taken to promote the code to the production instance.
  • In order to standardize thirdparty binary code, Merritt uses a local Maven repository (Nexus) to manage and store artifacts. This allows the Merritt team to control the versions of the binary code as well as control Merritt artifacts shared across the micro-services.
  • Code approval process:
    • Merritt Service Managers also review code on a staging server; in some cases, external Merritt users also review code.
    • Code development managed via user stories via Pivotal Tracker
  • For the microservices there is a developer for each service which Perry (services) and Stephen (technical) manage the high level coordination
  • UC3 developers and Service Managers meet every two weeks to work through conflicts and scheduling