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Here is a diagrammed example:

Code Block
  \________________/ \__/ \___/ \______/ \____________/
    (replaceable)     |     |      |       Qualifier
         |       ARK Label  |      |    (NMA-supported)
         |                  |      |

Name Mapping Authority     |    Name (NAA-assigned)

(NMA)                      |
                 Name Assigning Authority
                      Number (NAAN)

The ARK syntax can be summarized,

Code Block

The NMA part, which makes the ARK actionable (clickable in a web browser), is in brackets to indicate that it is optional and replaceable. ARKs are intended to work with objects that last longer than the organizations that provide services for them, so when the provider changes it should not affect the object's identity. A different provider hosting the object would simply replace the NMA to reflect the new "home" of the object. For example,