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Ruth's Texas Notes

UT System discussion

Contact: Daniel Updegrove, UT-Austin, VP for Information Technology

Focus Area: System Role in Educational Technology

  • There are six public university systems in Texas; there are 2 R1 universities – Austin and Texas A&M, each in a different system.
  • UT-Austin is in the UT system; composed of 6 medical schools and 9
        - has a chancellor and CIO (Claire Goldsmith)
        - president and CIO at each of the 15 campuses
        - multiple sectors in the system from 2 yr to R1
        - hard tolook for shared anything
  • What is being shared
        - THE  - the network run by Austin for the 15 campuses
        - ERP systems developed/run by Austin for campuses who want to use
        - Data Center Consolidation; may lead to disaster rrecovery strategy
        - UT-Telesystem overlayed on 9 campus systems --student can enroll
            in any one campus & take a course at any
  • Classroom policies?  Yes, some purview re classroom policies
        - Texas H.E. Coordinating Board ?get link?
        - Legislature Budget Board ?get link?
        - State CIO/Depart of Information Resources


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