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 Will meet with Daniella and Scott to discuss timed release background information and homepage status.

 First draft wireframes for timed release due

 Large file download process improvements due. DL, JL, and RH will discuss next phase stuff.

 Admin layer wireframes due? (Need to confirm)


  • Wireframes for timed release. Completed  
  • Improvements for large file download process. Completed  
  • Accessibility check for data paper PDF. Completed  
  • Wireframes for manifest workflow  
  • Wireframes for admin layer
  • Wireframes for homepage


dash-timed-release_v2_notes.pdf  Timed release with interaction notes in yellow

dash-timed-release_v2.pdf  Timed release without notes

dash_large_file_v1.pdf  Large file download process improvements


manifest v2 at  


  • Initial desire was to just change the homepage content that was added after Glenn created the design, i.e., the Why Share? and Why Use? sections.
  • JL has recommended looking at the homepage as a whole. Spot-changing design will not be effective.
  • Timed release is now a greater priority than the homepage. Homepage work will continue in the background.
  •  The generated data paper PDFs are not tagged PDFs. As such, they are not accessible.
  •  Next up: Cloud integration and Admin layer
  •  Next up: DASH Manifest UI/UX
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