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Key economic impact facts

Annual economic activity generated by UC: $46.3 billion

State spending on UC: $3.35 billion

Employees: 190,000 (third-largest employer in California)

California jobs supported by UC: 1 in 46, or 430,000

Economic impact summary (PDF)


The University of California is a key economic catalyst for the state, generating $46.3 billion in annual economic activity for California and contributing $32.8 billion toward California's gross state product through direct spending and multiplier effects. Every $1 the California taxpayer invests in UC provides the foundational support that, supplemented by revenues from other sources, results in nearly $14 in overall economic output.

  • Annual income from state of California: $3.35 billion
  • Annual income from outside California: $8.5 billion
  • UC-generated economic activity in California: $46.3 billion
  • Contribution to gross state product: $32.8 billion
  • California jobs supported by UC*: 430,000 (1 in 46 jobs)
  • UC employees: 190,000+ (third largest employer in California)

UC Health

  • Economic activity generated in California by UC Health (UC's five academic medical centers and 16 health professional schools): $16.7 billion
  • Contribution to gross state product: $12.5 billion
  • Jobs generated in California: 117,000
  • Percentage of UC jobs: 28 percent

* UC operations; spending by faculty, staff, students and retirees. Source: 2011 economic impact report, Economic & Planning Systems, Inc. (PDF)

Campus-specific economic impact data

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