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  • Stash Build Timeline

 Planned functionalityEstimated timeline
Develop an Integration Prototype
  • Make sure user interface & the engines for presenting & working with a metadata scheme integrate in a useful way
  • Partial functionality to include:
    • Uploading files
    • Deleting files
    • Choosing a metadata scheme
    • Entering and editing key metadata values
1st & 2nd Quarters 2015
Create a data model
  • For the DataCite metadata scheme
  • For the Dublin Core metadata scheme
1st Quarter 2015

Develop user stories for the UI/UX Redesign

  • For the data depositor
  • For the data consumer
  • To scope embargo functionality
2nd Quarter 2015
Mock up wireframes for UI/UX Redesign
  • Transfer user stories to wireframes for purposes of assessing technical feasibility
2nd Quarter 2015
Conduct usability testing on wireframes
  • Solicit feedback from target audience representatives on user experiences
2nd Quarter 2015
Plan approach to harvesting module
  • Assess requirements for OAI-PMH harvesting
  • Develop enough understanding of ResourceSync to broaden approach to harvesting beyond OAI-PMH
2nd Quarter 2015
Investigate Authentication functionality
  • Confirm information available from Shibboleth and OAuth
  • Feasibility of pulling information from ORCID profiles
2nd & 3rd Quarters 2015
Integrate background Submission layer infrastructure
  • With UI/UX wireframe mockups
  • With metadata data models

2nd & 3rd Quarters 2015
Explore options for adding Geolocation information to dataset
  • Investigate feasibility of adding geolocation information about the dataset content
    • Automatically
    • By data depositor
3rd Quarter 2015
Discovery layer
  • Explore, implement & configure Blacklight / Solr implementation for ingestion, indexing, search & display of metadata for submitted data.
3rd Quarter 2015
Packaging submission  
Develop marketing plan to increase usage of Dash Service & identify potential collaborators
  • Work in conjunction with DMP Tool & Merritt repository staff at CDL and other UC campuses
  • Extend marketing beyond UC
3rd & 4th Quarters 2015, 1st Quarter 2016
Generalizing to other repositories besides Merritt 4th Quarter 2015, 1st Quarter 2016



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