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Project proposal


  • 2019 April-May: Report comprising a profile of the current US archival description aggregator landscape. Core Partners, Advisory Partners, and Expert Advisors will receive the full report. A summary version will be publicly available to other stakeholders.

  • 2019 June 17: Planning symposium of Core Partners and Expert Advisors.

  • 2019 June-July: Summary report of key outcomes from the symposium; post-symposium working groups.

  • 2019 August-September: Proposal and work plan for next phase of collaborative planning and implementation phases, including anticipated resource needs.

Activity Timeline

The project began October 1, 2018 and will conclude on September 30, 2019.

Contact potential Core Partners, Advisory Partners, and Experts to be part of projectXXXX

Research and compile a profile of state and regional finding aid consortia, related organizations or initiatives, and individuals from service organizations that are part of the broader archival description ecosystem

Plan and host one-day symposium of Core Partners and Experts in Riverside, CA


Establish and coordinate Action Plan Task Force

Draft and finalize action plan

Begin to implement action plan for next-phase planning and implementation phases


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