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Space Administrator's Corner

 What is a Space Administrator

Each space has at least one Space Administrator who is the first point of contact for users and any questions about that wiki space should be directed the Space Administrator.

If you are a user and don't know the Space Administrator for your space, please send an email to to request this information.

If you are a Space Administrator, you have permissions to do things on your space that regular users aren't permitted to. Please take a moment to review the information below.

To get to the Space Admin screen from within your space, browse the space and select Space Admin (this is not a menu option for regular users). The Space Admin screen allows you to:

  • edit the details of your space
  • adjust the security settings for your space, including the access permissions for the users of your space
  • customize the look and feel of your space

The Space Administrator is also responsible for contacting the to add users to a space.

If Space Administrator duties are to be transferred to another user, the current Space Administrator must notify the of this change.

 Setting up a Space

To Setup a Space,

  1. Request a space from the Techdesk using this form (link to the IR&C form)
  1. Setup the permissions on your space - see the "#Setting Permissions on Your Space"
  1. Customize your space
 Access Space Admin Features
  1. Login
  1. From the Dashboard, select the Browse Space (globe) icon next to the Space name
  1. Select the Space Admin tab

In the left column, a menu will appear with options for administering the space.

 Setting the Permissions on your space

Setting Permissions on Your Space

Space Administrators can change user permissions by going to the Space Admin screen and clicking the Permissions link on the left menu. See the Space Permissions Overview for the full documentation of Confluence permissions.

User Groups

When your space is created, a user group is created by the Techdesk and given basic permissions to view and edit your space. You can change these permissions to suit the needs of your user community. If you want to split your users into various groups in order to give certain permissions to some users and not to others, contact the and ask them to create another group for you.

  • You can add existing groups and select the permissions you would like to assign
  • You can remove groups by de-selecting each check box
  • Be sure to save your changes

It's easy to forget which users have been added to your user groups.  Our User Lists page shows you how to display this information.

Individual Users

You can also give permissions to individual users. You'll notice that a Space Administrator is basically an individual user with full permissions (including Space Admin). You'll find that adding several individual users to your space is not a very efficient way to manage space users. Please see the above information on User Groups.

  • Individual user rights overrides Group rights. Therefore, if you are a member of a group but also listed with additional rights as an Individual User, you will be able to access those additional rights.
  • You can only add users to your space if they have already been added to the wiki user database. To add users to your space, you can either:
    • You can enter their user login into the text box
    • You can search for an individual by following the magnifying glass.
  • Be sure to save your changes


 Direct link to your space

You can direct your users to your space by sending them a Tiny Link that bypasses the dashboard and goes directly to the home page.

To get a Tiny Link, click on the "Info" tab on any page and copy the "Tiny Link."

People who connect via this link will first be directed to the login page (if they're not already logged in) and then immediately to the home page of your wiki space.

 Adding Content to a Space

For information about creating and editing pages, see Atlassian's documentation:

 Setting up Anonymous Access

You can enable public access to your site by granting the 'Use Confluence' permission to 'Anonymous' users from the Administration Console.

This user category has been created for convenient administration of users who have not logged into the site. Permissions assigned to this group apply to all anonymous users of the site.

To enable public access to your site,

1. Go to the 'Administration Console' and click 'Global Permissions' in the left panel.

2. Click 'Edit Permissions'.

3. Under 'Anonymous Access' check 'Can Use' Confluence.

Once you grant this permission, further permissions can be granted from the space administration screens to control the viewing and editing privileges of anonymous users. See Space Permissions Overview.

To turn off "Anonymous Access", uncheck the "Can Use" option.


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