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Merritt Roadmap for 2013

Objective Status/Updates
Migrate the backend Merritt server environment from physical servers to Virtual Machines (VM) Completed
Publish new pricing sheet and service agreement for Merritt depositors Completed. UC affiliate pricing sheet and cost model information available here (see "Merritt TCP cost and price model")
Migrate collections from the legacy Digital Preservation Repository (DPR) to Merritt Completed
Transition Merritt's storage infrastructure to San Diego Supercomputer Center’s cloud storage In-progress; anticipated completion by July August Sept 2013 April 2014
Explore Merritt integrations with additional storage infrastructures, to extend replication of collections  
Support Merritt integration with Digital Asset Management System proposed for the UC Digital Library Collection framework Early stages
Extend Merritt’s MySQL-based Inventory service to improve search and display of Merritt content Completed
Conduct load testing of Merritt In-progress
Create a new service/landing page for Merritt Planning stages; anticipated completion by December 2013 June 2014
Create a new search/browse interface for publicly-accessible collections in Merritt. Includes potential to expose content for search engine indexing Planning stages
Support for limited time embargoes on content in Merritt (depositors can indicate when a restricted item can be made available for public access) Not started
Self-service Merritt user account registration (enable depositors to create new accounts) Not started
Conduct internal TRAC-based audit of Merritt Ongoing; internal audit details available here
Package Merritt’s underlying micro-services for distribution, as open-source code Ongoing. Storage, Ingest, and Fixity is now available on BitBucket:
Explore developing capacity for hosting and publishing “data papers” in Merritt Planning stages

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