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Checkm: A Checksum-based Manifest Format




0.7 (2010-06-11)




Checkm: A Checksum-Based Manifest Format

Recent changes:

Differences from previous version


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More information:

Curation home page

Checkm is a general-purpose text-based file manifest format. Each line of a Checkm manifest is a set of '|'-separated (in version 0.1, whitespace-separated) tokens, the first of which identifies the corresponding digital content by filename or URL. Other tokens identify digest algorithm, checksum, content length, and modification time. Tokens may be left unspecified, the degenerate case being a simple file list. It is up to tools that use the Checkm format to specify any further restrictions on tokens (e.g., allowed defaults and digest algorithms) and on overall manifest completeness and coherence. Checkm is designed to support tools that verify the bit-level integrity of groups of files in support of such things as content fixity, replication, import, and export. A manifest may be single-level or multi-level (hierarchical), the latter being useful, for example, in harvesting material from very large web sites (cf. sitemaps).


Checkm (Python)

Code for version 0.3.1:

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  1. Unknown User (dmoles)

    The specification link is to the 2009 version, and the "differences" link is broken.

    1. Unknown User (pwillett)

      Looking around.....

  2. Unknown User (dmoles)

    Looks like the "differences" list is preserved at the Internet Archive:

    It would be nice to have a clean copy of the 0.7 spec, though.

    Oh, and "Curation home page" redirects to a Confluence page with no info on Checkm.