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The Merritt infrastructure places user-facing interfaces and key shared resources, such as databases and storage, on high-availability, multi-node server clusters with automated failover; all other Merritt processes run as multiple load-balanced instantiations on an elastic server farm. This architecture ensures high overall service availability and, at the same time, high service performance, since the server farm can be quickly augmented in response to increased user demand. All Merritt services operate on servers in the UC administrative data center, with redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity. The services are subject to round-the-clock monitoring; any service interruption automatically triggers notification to the data center Server Operation Center and UC3 staff for triage and appropriate intervention.

Merritt preservation storage relies on enterprise-grade RAID-6 storage arrays with hot spares, redundant controllers and power supplies, and multi-pathed FibreChannel SAN connectivity.


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