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3.3.2 - The repository shall have Preservation Policies in place to ensure its Preservation Strategic Plan will be met.

Merritt’s overall preservation policy can be summarized as an obligation by UC3 to expend its best efforts towards providing the highest level of preservation service, as defined by commonly-accepted community standards and best practices, that is consistent with the form, structure, and packaging of the managed digital content, the degree to which that content is accompanied by authoritative and comprehensive metadata, and the availability of appropriate tools.  Note that this implies a continuum of preservation outcomes dependent on the nature of the content submitted by campus curators and collection managers.  The open ended nature of this preservation policy is the natural consequence of Merritt’s eligibility policy of not enforcing any prescriptive requirements for content submission.  However, UC3 does provide consultation and guidance on ways to acquire or create digital content in a manner that is most amenable to the highest level of future preservation service.

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