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Go to start of metadata - The repository shall have an appropriate, formal succession plan, contingency plans, and/or escrow arrangements in place in case the repository ceases to operate or the governing or funding institution substantially changes its scope.

Merritt is based on a flexible data model in which all content information, both data and metadata, is fully expressed in a self-documenting manner on a replicated file system or cloud storage. The complete record of Merritt’s holdings, and all of the information managed by Merritt about those holdings, can be retrieved by a full traversal of the archival file system using commonplace operating system command shell tools. The source code for the Merritt system is available under the BSD open source license and could be reconstituted by a third-party service provider. A formal succession plan is not available at this time; however, Merritt's technological framework will serve as the basis for contingency and succession planning.

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