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3.1.1 - The repository shall have a mission statement that reflects a commitment to the preservation of, long term retention of, management of, and access to digital information.

The University of California Curation Center creates and utilizes a comprehensive range of services and software to ensure that digital information supporting and resulting from UC's research, teaching, and learning remains available, usable, and authentic. These solutions facilitate curation of valuable digital assets by maintaining and adding value to them for use now and into the future.

The Center provides expertise through consultation, documentation, workshops, symposia, presentations and partnerships. We promote and cultivate partnerships across the University and beyond, leveraging our expertise and technology to meet systemwide need. We are building a growing community of faculty members, researchers, librarians, archivists, curators, IT professionals, and administrators, by bringing together everyone with a stake in the ongoing viability of digital information. The Center is built on innovation, creativity, trust, and excellence, and is the hub of digital preservation and curation activities for the University of California.



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February 29, 2012


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